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Punch And Punching Machine Comparison

Punch and punching machine processing objects are largely similar, the punch is divided into ordinary punch, fast punch, etc., because the punch needs a feeding system, so the volume is generally relatively large.

Punching machine is the further development of the punch, which solves the problem of the need for independent feeding system, so the volume is small.

Punching machine is divided into ordinary punching machine, automatic punching machine (also known as automatic positioning punching machine, automatic punching machine), automatic punching machine, super automatic punching machine.

Ordinary punching machine without automatic positioning system, the equivalent of a small punch to solve the feeding problem.

Automatic punching machine in the ordinary punching machine on the basis of an increase of automatic positioning system, greatly improving the punching accuracy and speed, can be understood as an automatic control of high precision small punch.

Super automatic punching machine not only can be customized positioning, and can automatically feed bulk, greatly saving manpower.


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