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Several Points In The Process Of NC Punching

1, the same workpiece to be a number of mold processing, we should pay attention to the programming process is appropriate, the same type of processing technology as far as possible in the same programming process in order to avoid the workpiece in the stamping process shift caused by the same type of process characteristics of the hole Position offset and burr surface inconsistency.

2. In the process of cutting knife should be followed: the first small after the big first round rear, the first common mold after the general principle of special mold; the same program as far as possible to do less tool selection, the first choice of tool width should be greater than the thickness, Knife as far as possible to the big side of the election, to ensure that the trimming total length of not less than 1.5 times the length of the selected tool. Which is conducive to improving production efficiency and extend the life of the mold.

3, in the same workpiece programming in different types of molding processing, should pay special attention to adjust the tool path, so that the movement path as short as possible, if necessary, different molding tool cross-processing. When the workpiece is machined with special tool, pay attention to the distance between the two adjacent holes. In order to avoid the mutual damage caused by the molding process, the center distance of the adjacent forming center is the radius of the tool radius. Such as A type: the upper diameter of the mold is 26mm, the lower die diameter is 25.4mm; B type: the upper die diameter is 47.8mm, the lower die diameter is 47.6mm. Which if the first processing is formed above the mold sleeve for the standard calculation, if the following molding for the following mold sets for the standard calculation.


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