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The Difference Between The Fixed And Movable Table In The Vertical Drilling Machine

Vertical drilling machine structure in the square pillar vertical drilling machine has z5150 vertical drilling machine and z5150b-1 vertical drilling machine, the user in the purchase process must be clear on the need for vertical drilling machine requirements, due to different vertical drilling between There are differences in the structure, resulting in differences in prices. Fixed table vertical drilling machine refers to the z5140 and z5150 vertical drilling machine, with b-1 type of vertical drilling machine, such as z5150b-1 vertical drilling machine refers to the activities of the table with a vertical drilling machine. So from the model and function we can clearly identify the difference between the vertical drilling machine, in order to better facilitate the user to use different vertical drilling machine in our website on the vertical drilling machine products introduced in the process of different vertical Drilling and models were detailed and detailed division, the user can easily separate the different vertical drilling machine between the model difference.

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