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Vertical Drilling Machine Development Is Difficult To Flourish In The Scene

The domestic economy in the past three decades has shown the world world shocked the pace of development, has also been the speed of China, in the past rapid development in China, whether in the economic scale or industrial technology changes have made rapid development, China's manufacturing to China to create a positive change in the rapid development of domestic manufacturing industry on the vertical drilling industry in almost 10 years of rapid development has played a great role in the vertical drilling industry, the rapid development of the moment, the past ten During the year, the domestic machine tool industry benefited from the rapid development of the domestic economy. In the background of the rapid development of vertical drilling machine has a positive role in promoting the government is to revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry, so that more funds concerned about the machine tool industry.

So many of the domestic funds began to inject into the development of vertical drilling industry layout, especially with a machine tool industry, the local government is devoted to the development of vertical drilling machine, vertical drilling machine in the past few years in the market is The government focused on the promotion and support of the vertical drilling machine industry, the development of an important factor in the development of large vertical drilling enterprises began to invest in the development of vertical drilling machine manufacturing moment, small-scale vertical drilling machine factory workshop is numerous, in the past Drilling machine market boom period often heard that a new business is established, the data is changing every month. The vigorous development of the market, gave birth to many new force. However, each cold season, the market stage of the atrophy or downturn, not enough to support the growing capacity, price competition naturally occurs.

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